Train to Gain

Train to Gain is a new service designed to help businesses of all types and sizes get the training they need to succeed. Managed by the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) across England, Train to Gain has been developed from the highly successful Employer Training Pilots and uses experienced Skills Brokers who will work closely with individual businesses to:

  • Identify the skills the business needs
  • Pinpoint the right training
  • Agree a tailored training package
  • Find available funding
  • Review progress

As a key training provider, learndirect business is working with Train to Gain to offer a flexible portfolio of funded and unfunded training from the full range of learndirect business courses and products.

At the heart of learndirect business as well as the Train to Gain project is the goal of providing training and skills advice which is impartial, flexible, responsive, and offered at a time and place to suit businesses.