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A Taxi Drivers Guide to the London Knowledge Test

A Taxi Drivers Guide to the London Knowledge Test

Taxi drivers who want to work in London will have to pass the Knowledge test. This is considered one of...

Business Undergraduate Program – Finance and General

Business Undergraduate Program – Finance and General

How to Effectively Merge Company Cultures

How to Effectively Merge Company Cultures

Types of Business Degrees

Types of Business Degrees

A business degree is one of the most flexible and broadly applicable types of qualification which can allow you to...

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A Taxi Drivers Guide to the London Knowledge Test

Taxi drivers who want to work in London will have to pass the Knowledge test. This is considered one of the most challenging examinations for professionals in this industry.

The 7-stage test consists of a self-assessment, written exam, 3 oral exams, a driving exam, and a number of talks which will test your knowledge of the capital’s destinations, landmarks and roads.

Through hard work and perseverance, you will have the opportunity to apply for your license, memorise London’s routes and pass the Knowledge test to allow you to operate as a taxi driver in London. Our guide will give you a quick overview on how you can achieve this.

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Apply for your license

To master the Knowledge of London, it will take most people three to four years on average. You will be required to have a comprehensive knowledge of the destinations, landmarks and routes across the city and suburbs. You’ll still be able to work a part-time or full-time job during this period. However, managing your calendar well will give you the necessary time to prepare for this new challenge.

There are two types of taxi licenses. The green badge allows you to work anywhere in the Greater London Authority area. The yellow badge will only allow you to work in one of the nine sectors in London. The exam will be based around the license you wish to pursue. To start your application, visit the Transport for London (TfL) website and register online. You’ll need to pass an enhanced background check which looks to see if you’re of good character and have no previous serious criminal convictions.

Once you have submitted the required medical evidence, you will also need to pass an in-depth medical check. After this, TfL will send you a ‘Blue book’. Shortly after this, you will need to attend a Knowledge of London talk, this will be held at a Transport for London office, where an examiner will provide you with helpful tips and strategies for learning the Knowledge.

Learn London’s destinations, landmarks and routes

The blue book will give you all the necessary information surrounding London’s roads, routes and landmarks. There are 320 routes within a six-mile radius of Charing Cross, which is seen as central London. Breaking this information down into sections, watching videos, or creating your own map will help you visualise and learn these more effectively.

If you are a visual learner, getting out and about on a bicycle can help you better familiarise yourself with this information. When navigating these roads, stay alert and remember to hydrate. For those that prefer a traditional classroom environment, there are independent organisations that will allow you to enrol in a ‘Knowledge School’, and prepare you for the ‘Appearance’ stage of the test by covering the content from the blue book.

After studying the blue book for six months, you now need to take the self-assessment which covers the first 80 routes, by contacting Transport for London. The self-assessment is free of charge. TfL will not record your score, giving you a good opportunity to see how you’ve progressed at this initial stage. You’ll also be able to ask the examiner any questions you may have about anything you’re unsure about.

Taking the Knowledge exam

After passing the self-assessment, you’ll have to take the two-section written exam within two years of receiving the blue book. Section one will consist of five questions testing your knowledge of the shortest possible route between two given points, section two consists of 25 questions surrounding various points on the routes. You need a score of 60 or more out of 100 to pass.

After the written exam, your knowledge of the routes will be tested through three appearances with an examiner. Stages 3-5 of the testing process are a series of oral examinations with a TfL examiner. You will be asked short questions about routes, landmarks, and named buildings in London. Each appearance will roughly take 20-30 minutes. Each appearance will be within four to eight weeks of each other.

After this, you’ll now need to take the suburban examination to demonstrate you have a good understanding of the landmarks and routes in the suburbs. This will consist of six questions and also test your ability to navigate between central London, the suburbs, and the airports. After the suburban exam, you’ll need to take and pass the taxi driving test once it becomes available.

Finally, you will be invited to attend a pre-licensing talk where you will also receive your badge. Your examiner will provide you with further guidance on what to expect in the role of a taxi driver in London. Congratulations! After the ceremony, you can finally collect your new license and badge. It may also be worth making connections with other taxi drivers at this event, as they will also be doing the same job as you. If you do have any further questions, this is a great opportunity to ask your examiner. Your hard work and dedication has finally paid off. Have a wonderful career and drive safely.

Business Degrees

Types of Business Degrees

A business degree is one of the most flexible and broadly applicable types of qualification which can allow you to pursue a traditional campus program. This will enable you to boost your career opportunities which can easily be applicable for every sector of the industry and e-commerce. There are many different kinds of business degree one can pursue, which are essential for the core of business values which can help you down your career path.

Business Management degree specialisation

Understanding the core value of the business which is the first step towards the opportunity in the management. This is a degree which is designed to help provide the student with the right foundation as the study focuses on business management principles and their applications in the real world. Students can easily explore you current principle and other applications which can help work in the real world environment.

Business Management

Finance degree specialisation

There is a lot of opportunities which can allow one to get access to the right route to the business. There are many programs which cover many relevant areas in finance which includes things like investment, capital planning and other international finances and other financial analysis. These courses can easily allow you to get access to the whole business environment by applying the principles of finances and accounting. This helps one to recognise their contemporary business functions and practices to help recognise the connections between the financial concepts and their uses in the global market.

Marketing degree specialisation

degree specialisation

Marketing is an area which covers principles like coverage, focus and planning. Students generally learn to study the market which can allow one to demand the right segment, which can make everything effective to help achieve a competitive advantage. There are many cases which have allowed one to take their focus on the key management tasks, which includes things like market research, sales forecasting, product and brand management, distribution channels, pricing and promotions.

Entrepreneurship degree specialisation

If you are interested in building a business, this is something which will allow you to focus on entrepreneurship. This is a program which can allow one to have a very familiar real-world issue which is relevant to entrepreneurs. Their key managerial skills include things like employment law, budgeting and management tactics. There are many classes which focus on examining the legal environment and various challenges.

International business degree specialisation

The international business specialisation can help take you across the world, which can allow you to open all the global opportunities. These programs can allow you to explore international trade and finance policies which has a direct effect on your business. Students study and learn how to adapt to the changes in the markets, which can allow one to construct and manage practices for the international environment while being able to recognise global differences.


Fundamental Principles of Business You Need to Know

It does not matter, if you are working for a company or building your own business. The right knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals business principles which can help you find the right success.

Have a quality product

You business needs a quality product which can help one to stand behind their product with the confidence. Business can be anything from running a restaurants to selling furniture or providing a services which can allow one to get good business without a good product.


Know your competitors

It is important to note than even the best products might sometimes fail and it is up to you to look into the competition. This is one of the core principles where you need to make sure that you understand the markets and the players. This will allow you to plan your strategy better which will make you stand out from the crowd.

Promote your products and services

It is important that people study and make sure that they understand the traditional and the digital media route to help ensure that you have the right knowledge. This is one of the best ways which can allow the company to promote their products and services. This is one of the most effective ways to get the word out about the right business to help grow.

Build a great staff

Your employees are your greatest assets which can help one build a successful company. Try to make sure that you have the right staff and training which can help you represent the mission and allow your to reach the goals. Also, make sure that you are taking care of the them as well to help them stay on top of their game.

Understanding organisational structure and design

You need to make sure that you have the basic understanding of ensuring that your business runs effectively. Make sure that you have managed everything from the initial structure of the department which can allow one to have the right projects assigned. It is important that you understand the designs and list out the pros and cons for an effective strategy.

Use your capital wisely

capital wisely

You need to make sure that you have the right capital to start your business. Try to make sure that you are getting positive cash flow which will allow one to grow and develop. You need to also have sufficient funds to pay your employees to produce the right products and sell them at a profit.

Understand the fundamentals of accounting and finances

It is up to you to understand all the fundamentals of the accounting and finances. You business needs to adhere to the regulations which can allow you to build the right laws which can affect your industry. You also need to make sure that you have all the permits before you even go ahead with the plan.

business education

What is business education and why do you need it

The basics of business education is that it involves various courses which can allow the tech students to fundamentals of principles of business. This also includes lessons which include, business management, business law, entrepreneurship, economics and others. There is a lot more to business education that what we can see. In this article, we are learning about business education and why it is important.

Types of business education programs

Secondary Business Education: This is a business education where one can easily learn about computer sciences and other subjects which might have taught before. There are other complicated courses which one has to learn to help one grow into learning the basics of the field.

education programs

  • Undergraduate Business Education: Includes all sorts of things which includes things like undergraduate degrees in the field of business. There are other business administrations which can allow one to grow in the field of commerce, economics, management, accountancy and other subjects.
  • Postgraduate Business Education: This is another kind of programs which allows one to provide the students with much more in-depth knowledge about the subject which can help one to understand the elements much better. These students can easily learn a specific sphere of the study, which can help them in the marketing research.
  • Doctoral Business Education: This is a type of education which is focused on more specific aspects rather than practical. There are other doctoral degrees which also work on applied research.

Objectives of business education

  • Helping students gain in-depth knowledge about the business and the ways they can learn more about business-related subjects.
  • Teaching students to deal with the finances, taxes and other business-related things.
  • There are many analytic and evaluating skills which will allow one to make business-related decisions.
  • Engaging students to do more than other aspects of computer sciences or keyboarding
  • Encouraging students to be interested in business studies.


Importance of business education

We live in a world where everything around us revolves around business, and as the economy changes the need for education as well. Without the basic business education which will allow you to gain economic works which will make for the right costs. Good quality business education makes a person more competitive on the market, which can help an employee and entrepreneur access to education.

If you want to avoid any mistakes in your business, you can easily make a lot of money when opening the business. The business education can easily make one more creative which will allow you to think outside the box and helps one achieve goals through unique methods. Business education can allow you to get access to function in the world that we live in. This requires theory and other practices which can help raise new generations to be better at being a responsible citizen.